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Aside from Oxygen, Silicon remains the single most abundant compound found on Earth. When combined with Oxygen, the molecules form Silicon Dioxide (SiO2), or Quartz Crystal. The Earth, composed of nearly 47% Oxygen and 28% Silicon, seems to reflect the optimal levels of Oxygen and Silicon maintained by the Human Body in achieving optimal health.

The Human Body's connective tissue consist of Collagen, Elastin, Mucopolysaccharides or Glucosaminoglycanes. These molecules allows the connective tissue of the Human Body to stay vital and 'bouncy', and must maintain an active level of Silica to support the health of connective tissue. A constant and common threat to the active level of Silica found in Collagen, Elastin, and Glucosaminoglycanes are Free Radicals, or the broken fragments of molecules occurring during the constant chemical processes of the Human Body in maintaining and repairing itself. These Radicals tend to bind to molecules causing damage to essential enzymes, proteins, DNA, and RNA. This damage can create Cross-Linkage, or the binding together of larger molecules to create a damaging apparatus associated with the onset of medical problems like Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Arthritis, and Hypertension. When Cross-Linkage forms in the Collagen, the  active levels of Silica are reduced, causing damage to the connective tissue of the body.

“Human studies in 1979 showed that silicon supplementation increased bone volume. In 1990, it was shown that silicon had a positive effect on osteoporosis. Additional human studies in 1993, 1998, and 2000 showed that OSA supplementation improved bone mineral density.

The exciting news is that we now have several new studies, including human clinical trials, providing important information and exciting practical results. The most recent are human studies showing that silicon improves skin and bones. One study was presented in October 2004 that showed OSA improved skin texture and resilience, while significantly reducing the depth of wrinkles. I have a feeling that we are going to hear a lot about this study and its follow-up study in the next few years.”

Source: http://www.drpasswater.com/nutrition_library/Dirk_Vanden_Berghe.html

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What Our Clients Say

I am a skeptic by nature. I never trust the words unless I investigate the issue myself. I came across the book by Klaus Kaufmann “Silica: the forgotten nutrition”. I should say that the book is very informative and interesting. I learned that there is a company which manufactures the silica water and decided to find out for myself what it is all about.

In 2 months I started feeling much better – more energy, better sleep and what is more important I started dealing with stress my better. Now I drink silica water regularly. I trust myself. 

Anna M

In spring 2003 I had all the signs of diabetes, including the sugar level up to 14 points which is almost 3 times higher than the norm. Doctors told me to completely exclude sugar from my diet. Starting May I started drinking silica water.

I drink a full glass of silica water first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. And during the day, if I was thirsty I only drank silica water. By September the same year I felt strong and healthy. I decided to go for another check up and to the doctor’s surprise, everything was fine with me. Sugar level dropped down to 4-5 points, which is an absolute norm. I am 80 years old.

Alexander K.